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Keeta's Place INC Volunteer Form
At Keeta's Place INC we believe the best way to build the Women Of Tomorrow is to pour into the lives of the Girls of Today! That's why we need your help because we know the it truly takes a community so what are you waiting for???? Become a CHANGE AGENT and make a difference in the lives of the W.O.T. Girls Today.

Keeta's Place INC has transitioned to a all virtual platform so that we could offer our services to girls throughout the United States. With that being said this also gives more People, Businesses, Companies and Corporations more opportunities to partner with us to make a impact in communities across the United States.

You can Volunteer in many different ways whether its volunteering to help with the girls in our virtual sessions, or you want to help with the day to day functions of Keeta's Place INC. You can even be a social media ambassador at Keeta's Place INC we have a space for you.

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