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Cross Cutting Concerns podcast
Would you like to be a guest on an upcoming podcast episode? 10-15 minutes tops on a developer/technical topic of your choice. A book, a tool, a library, a framework, a methodology, an idea, a programming language, etc, are all fair game. Just talk about what is it, why you like it, and why others should check it out.

Please fill out this survey, which will basically determine the structure of the podcast.

Thanks for your interest!

What is your name?
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What is the thing you'd like to talk about?
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What is a good URL to get a quick overview of this thing?
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Why do you want to talk about this thing?
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Who created this thing, and where can I find more about them?
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What does this thing teach or what problem does it solve?
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Why is this thing better than other similar things?
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Do you have a decent microphone (at least a headset, maybe something better)?
Are you willing to record your own audio and send it to me afterwards?
Can you use Skype?
How can I best contact you?
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