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(活動延期至11月)參加STEM工作坊/數碼導賞團/社創實驗室 (Postponed to Nov) Participant Registration for STEM workshops / HKPC Tour / SE Lab
Participant Registration for STEM workshops or HKPC Tour or SE Lab
(Each workshop lasts for 30 minutes with max.15 participants) for
"STEM for happier Community Day 2019"
First come first served basis and free of charge to participants
Committee will confirm your registration by 10 October 2019, thank you for your support
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STEM for Happier Community Day (Postponed to November )
參加者姓名 Name of Participant *
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參加者程度 Participant's Level *
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出席人數 Number of Participants *
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開幕禮(10-11am)+社創實驗室 Opening Ceremony + SE Lab (11am-1:30pm午餐輕食供應)
參加工作坊 /Join Workshops (First come first served) (can tick more than 1)(Max 12 each)
參加數碼導賞團 HKPC Smart Tour (First come first served)
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