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Group Leader Application 2018
Only one application required per group!
The Heart of Groups
Groups are the vehicles through which ministry at Church Eleven32 takes place. They provide a setting to build dynamic relationships and facilitate spiritual growth. Groups are a place where people are equipped to become more like Jesus and to live a faith-filled life. We believe that every person is created with God-given potential to make a difference in the world. Groups are a place where there are like-minded people who believe in you. As a leader, you will be empowered to offer counsel, support, and encouragement as you walk through life together.
Group Hubs
Each Group falls within a "hub" of groups. A hub is a collection of groups that are geared to a specific audience. We currently have 8 hubs of groups: Spiritual Growth, Community, Men, Women, Marriage, Freedom, Young Adults, Common Interest, and Prayer. A description of each hub is listed below:

Spiritual Growth: Open to all, geared specifically towards digging deep into the Word. Can be centered around a Bible study, devotional, or Christian book/curriculum.

Community: Open to all, offers people an opportunity simply to gather together for fellowship. Designed to be a time to deepen friendships, encourage one another, and have a good time together.

Men: Men only, can be centered around discussion or can also be just a time to get together and fellowship.

Women: Women only, can be centered around discussion or can also be just a time to get together and fellowship.

Marriage: Married couples only, centered around creating an enviroment for couples to fellowship, grow, and learn together.

Freedom: Open to all, or can be gender specific. Centred around walking in freedom from areas of bondage (fear, lust, depression, etc.)

Young Adults: Open to 20-somethings, creates a community for young people to fellowship and grow together.

Common Interest: Open to all, or can be gender specific. An opportunity for people to come together through a certain activity or interest (i.e. sports, book club, etc.)

Prayer: Open to all, a time for corporate intercession. Can be topic specific intercession (i.e. nations, the church, etc.) or can vary week to week.

Financial Health: Open to all, a place to learn and grow in your finances, to be debt free and a good steward of what God has given.

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