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Downtown Christmas Decorating Contest - Christmas on the Frisco 2019
Willard Parks & Rec is hosting a Christmas Display contest in the Frisco Trailhead area of Willard Downtown this year! Decorate your storefront, home, property, or "lease" a space from Willard Parks (leasing of our displays is also an option)! The theme is "Snowmen". Use as many lights, inflatables, signs, hand-crafted displays, and/or other decorations as you like! The more, the merrier!


Begin decorating: When your entry to the contest is confirmed (email/call from Special Events Coordinator)
Deadline to enter: Dec 15, 2019
"Final touches" decorating deadline: 9:00pm, December 18, 2019

Storefront/homefront on Jackson St, Downtown Willard: $5
Lease a space from Willard Parks: $35
Lease a space and display from Willard Parks: $35

20'x4' outdoor space assigned (please do not exceed 15' tall)
110 electricity to your display
Entry into the Christmas Display Contest

We are building an amazing holiday gift basket with fantastic prizes for the winner from LOCAL WILLARD BUSINESSES! (If you would like to get in on this, please contact Samantha, Special Events Coordinator at (417) 742-5385.

Date/Time: After dark (time will be announced), Saturday, December 21, 2019
Three non-biased judges will be judging the displays. The final displays will be judged based on four categories:
Quality of Construction, Creativity, Design, and Attention to Theme. Be attentive to the details of each category to receive the highest marks! Below are descriptions of what will earn full points in each category.

Quality of Construction: Decorations are secured where they are placed, lights are straights and even, lights and decorations are bright and clear, etc.

Creativity: The decorators were creative within the theme. They made the theme stand out among other competitors. Decorators adapted well to the theme and applied it with originality.

Design: All lights and decorations are arranged in a visibly appealing way. The decorations are designed with obvious proportion and forethought.

Attention to Theme: The decorators stayed within the theme and applied it throughout most of their display.

Each category will be ranked on a 1-4 scale, with 4 being the best rating.
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I/my organization and designers agree to follow the rules and guidelines set forth in the above document to the best of my/our ability. I/we also understand that if our display is deemed inappropriate for the community, Willard Parks has the right to edit/dismantle the display without refund. *
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