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Community Guidelines
1: Keep channels on topic. Use #random or #venting for off topic subjects.
2: Don't post the same question across multiple channels.
3: Maintain a positive tone on the community; we're here to help one another.
4: If your question is about something specific, then use the specific channel. (i.e. #unicorn, #solr, #module-spe) so people interested in that topic can help provide better support.
5: Relevant screenshots should be used to help further explain your question. Funny or random images like from giphy should only be used in the channels #random and #venting.
6: Please be courteous and carry out some basic research before asking (i.e. do a Google search).
7: Some questions may turn out to be better suited for the Sitecore Stack Exchange. This amazing community came together and started
8: Please add your name to your profile. It's nice to know who you are talking to!
9. No recruiters!
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