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2019 Buddy System—Whippersnapper Applications
Thanks for your interest in the Ed2010 Buddy System! Please fill out the form below and mark your calendar for the Buddy System Happy Hour on Tuesday, July 9 from 7-9 p.m. at Overlook Lounge (225 E. 44th St., NY). If you are matched, you will be notified by Tuesday, June 25.
What is your name?
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What email is best to reach you?
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Will you be living in NYC or within commuting distance by Tuesday, July 9?
Will you be available to attend the Happy Hour Tuesday, July 9 at 7PM?
Where are you from? (Town/State)
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Where did you go to college?
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When did you graduate?
Have you had an internships? If so, please list them.
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What is your current location? (Borough, city, state)
If you're not in NYC yet, please list your move date. Please note that you must be living in the tri-state area by July 9 to be eligible.
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Are you currently job searching?
Please note that internships (paid and unpaid) are fine, but you must be still be looking for a job in the magazine, online, publishing world to be eligible.
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Please select your top three interests for your dream job:
Please list your top three magazines/websites you'd love to work for.
Only three!
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Anything else you'd like Ed2010 Buddy System's matchmakers to know?
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