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What do you expect to be able to produce at the end of this MOOC?
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What kind of DApp would you like to write, or use if someone else writes it?
If you already know Glow, what have you liked about it so far?
On the other hand, what according to you should be the 3 major areas of improvement?
What would be your major takeaway from the Glow pioneer program?
How did you find Glow to be different vis a vis other DApp languages, for example such as Solidity?
Have you used one or more of the following languages?
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What wallets do you currently use?
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What DApps do you currently use?
What's the primary application for which you use blockchain based technology?
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What DApps have you stopped using and why?
What are the areas where you think they could have been better? What would you have done differently?
How would you like your wallet and/or DApp interface to be?
Which are the areas where you feel blockchain applications could do better?
Would you use transaction log with accounting in USD or in currency of your choice?
Is there something else you would share?
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