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Registration for NIST Solve My Problem 2023: Addressing Challenges in Teaching (ACT)

This summer, the National Institute on Scientific Teaching will host Addressing Challenges in Teaching (ACT), the third annual flexible, small group learning event in the Solve My Problem (SMP) series. Our goal is to work as a community to address common challenges in undergraduate education. We welcome educators at all stages of their academic career to join us for this opportunity to explore, reflect upon, learn, and deepen our teaching practices.

ACT begins on July 6 at 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E with an opening 90 minute workshop, serving as an introduction to Scientific Teaching for those newer to the framework and a refresher for those more familiar with it. Participants will be organized into small groups supported by an experienced coordinator and will plan to meet online 5-6 times over 3 weeks to explore a relevant teaching challenge that is aligned to one of the three pillars of the Scientific Teaching Framework (Active Learning, Inclusivity, Assessment). ACT will conclude on July 27 with a wrap-up workshop where participants will share strategies and materials that they developed.

Registration Deadline: June 23, 2023

Opening Workshop: Thursday, July 6, 2023. 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E (Workshop length: 90 minutes) 

Wrap-up Session: Thursday, July 27, 9am HI/ 11am AK/ 12pm P/ 1pm M / 2pm C / 3pm E (90 minutes)

Registration Fee: A $30 non-refundable fee that supports the participation of the coordinators can be paid at the following link:

Link to a more detailed description at and a detailed overview of topics at 

If you have any questions, please contact us at and include ACT in the subject line. 

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Addressing Teaching Challenges 2023 Topics

Participants are invited to select a topic that they are interested in exploring collaboratively in a small group. Each group will determine how they want to refine their topic, but participants can expect to gain new knowledge around the topic that touches on their teaching practice in some way. Based on previous experience, participants will commit to only one ACT group for the summer.

Check your top 3 choices for topic (from the list linked above) for Addressing Challenges in Teaching.   By indicating your ranked choices, you are committing to join all group work across the 4 weeks and develop a group project for the problem in which you participate.  (Our goal will be to match you with your first choice unless there are too few people in a group.)
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Group work
Inquiry-based and CURE lab courses
Community of practice
Student emotional and social support
Student academic support
Grading strategies
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Commitment Statement
By registering for Addressing Teaching Challenges 2023, you commit to:

     Participate in workshops and group work.

     Be an engaged participant.
     Treat all fellow participants and all members of the NIST community with respect and kindness.

     Ask questions and communicate clearly should unexpected challenges arise.
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