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Policies/Terms & Conditions
Why These Policies?
When you make an appointment or hire EARTHeim for a service, I schedule a block of time to serve you. This affects how many clients I am able to serve at one time. Appointments require preparation and I plan my schedule according to our appointed time. I respect your valuable time just as much as I hope you respect mine. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us.

EARTHeim is an insured LLC.

It is best to contact EARTHeim by email: or by phone call 859.230.9655. This is not a texting number.

Travel Fee
Travel fee outside Lexington, KY is $0.54 per mile from zip code 40514. This fee represents the standard Federal mileage rate.
Quotes & Estimates
Quotes for work, design, materials, etc. are valid for the amount of time listed on document. After this deadline, quotes may need to be reassessed. A payment schedule will be determined at time of contract.
Terms & Conditions
EARTHeim has the right to terminate any project at any time, without refund, due to unfavorable situations that cannot be remedied. Conditions listed, but not limited to: harassment, unreasonable demands, late payments, lack of communication, late or no show appointments, unsafe working conditions, or hiring another company for design/installation work once agreement has been made between EARTHeim and client, etc.

Termination details depends if contract is made for landscape cleanup, installation, design, or fine gardening. If EARTHeim decides upon this termination, client will be invoiced any remaining completed labor time and materials costs if applicable. If client wishes to terminate contract, work will cease by EARTHeim and client agrees to pay for any completed services if applicable AND/OR services outlined and quoted in contract must be paid in full.

Fine Gardening: Plans are non-refundable. Service will end at termination of contract.
Design: Terms outlined on design contract.
Installation & Landscape Cleanup: Materials deposit is non-refundable. Completed labor will be invoiced. Any materials purchased past deposit will be invoiced with labor.

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