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AvaWay Bloggers Application is CLOSED
Need bloggers with a high level of popularity (blog hits, flickr views) and posting activity, who are used to make close-up portraits, because only this variant allows you to demonstrate the jewelries well enough.

Have the following requirements to blog:
1. Blog's age - at least 6 months
2. High Blogging activity (not less then 4 posts per week, except periods of vocation and etc.)
2. Popularity (blog hits, flickr views)

AvaWay store use the Blogotex system for work with bloggers
For bloggers it means:
- Blogger can request any available item from my product list in the quantity of TWO units, till your submitted blogposts with those products gets accepted
Accepted blogposts resets the limit back to given value and you can requets the other two items, and so on.
- Each requested item must be blogged till product posting deadline (14 days from the moment blogger request the product) and accordingly with requirements to posts
- There are available function Request to Reset Deadline for bloggers (another 14 days)
- There are available function Request to Remove Deadline for bloggers (requires sufficient justification and is allowed no more than 3 times a year)
- Monthly I take a part at 5-7 events, so you was expected to do blogpost with my products at list 3 times per month (it must be new releases)

1. The main REQUIREMENT to posts - is VISIBILITY of my PRODUCTS on your photos
(not small, not blurry, not lost in darkness, not closed by other objects, not cut off, not over processed etc.)
So even if your photo is awesome, but useless for me as an advertisement of my product, it will not be accepted

2. Please,when you are blogging AvaWay products, give the link to the event, and also the link to Mainstore in-world, because after event ends, the product will be in the mainstore.

If you feel like this rules and requirements is ok for you feel free to fill this form

The number of open places for bloggers in the system is limited, so please excuse me those, who do not fall into the bloggers-list
If you are selected I will contact you.

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