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Titles of Movies which have one or more Biodiversity components [Animals / Birds / Trees / Plants / Fishes / other life forms] in the movie name.
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Hathi mere saathi *
Elephant for company
Hindi *
Give language of the the movie in which it is originally made
give the year of the movie release. put 00 for month and day if you don't know the exact date
Name of the Director of the movie
Name followed by Surname
In which country the movie is made? if it is a co-production mention the principal country first followed by other countries
Elephant is friendly to humans. Elephants are facing extinction
mention here how the film deals with Animals / Birds / Trees / Plants / Fishes / other life forms
Banner and/or Producer
name of the Production Banner and also the Producer if you know
Reference 1
website from which you sourced the information.
Reference 2
websites of the Banner / Producer / Director / Hero / Heroine / other
Reference 3
websites of the Banner / Producer / Director / Hero / Heroine / other
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