City Fruit 2015 Harvest

This survey will be used to gain necessary information in advance from tree owners for the purpose of keeping City Fruit resources focused on the harvest during the busy summer and fall months. Receiving this information now allows us to be as efficient as possible when planning our summer.

Notes on Harvest Policies:

-City Fruit will only scout and harvest from trees that have been authorized.

-We will generally attend each site twice: once to scout a tree a few weeks before it is estimated to be ripe and a second time to harvest the tree. All tree owners will be notified before the scouting period that a CF harvester will be coming by. The tree owner should then expect City Fruit to return in the coming days to harvest the tree.

-Due to safety and efficiency considerations, it is not always possible to pick a tree completely. Some fruit should be expected to go unharvested.

-Priority will go to trees in our designated parts of town that have provided advanced notice. We will do our best to make it to any and all trees in the Seattle area. See our website page,, for more info on the parts of town we currently can commit to harvest.

-In order to prevent pests, we try to clean up any fallen fruit from trees we have harvested and will dispose of it in the owner's yard waste bin.

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