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"World Shakti Day 2018" Sign-Up Form
We welcome you to kindly fill the Registration Form below before or by Oct-31, 2018 if you would like to participate in the "Sahasra Suvasini Puja" being held on Nov-4, 2018, Sunday by GRD Iyers GuruCool at Hindu Heritage Centre, Mississauga, ON, Canada.

This is a historical First-In-Canada event. Registration is Free!

The GRD Iyers GuruCool is celebrating Nov-4, 2018, Sunday, as "World Shakti Day" for the sake of celebrating Universal Womanhood and Feminism. "Shakti" in Sanskrit means "Strength/Power" and Sanatana Dharma (aka Hinduism) has traditionally, always recognised Womanhood as the cosmic strength or divine energy and as a a force of nature behind the cosmic order of the universe. As a celebration of this grand tradition, GRD Iyers GuruCool will be honouring 1000 women (representing Universal Womanhood) as "Shakti" through a "Sahasra Suvasini Puja".

If you are a woman of 21 years or older, then we welcome and invite you to register to be one of the 1000 women to be honoured during World Shakti Day! We heartily welcome women from all communities to come and participate in this grand event. There are no constraints regarding marital status, caste, ethnic background etc. This is a free event and all participating women will be given a befitting gift as well as a vegetarian lunch/supper box!

Kindly participate in this unique and First-in-Canada event and help us make it a grand success by celebrating inclusivity, womanhood and feminism.


Date: Nov-4, 2018, Sunday

Venue: Hindu Heritage Centre, 6300 Mississauga Road, Mississauga, ON L5N 1A7

Dress Code: Regional formal Indian dress for those from Southeast Asia. For others, knee length formal dress as per their region or country is recommended.

Registration Timeline: before or by 31-Oct, 2018


GRD Iyers GuruCool is a family-run education institution run by Ramesh Natarajan, Sridevi Gayathri and Durga Ramesh, who have provided free educational services related to Sanatana Dharma to more than 1000 students across the globe since 2002 and have performed more than 200 community programs along with their team members and students. GRD Iyers GuruCool support inclusivity and especially empowerment of women in the study of Sanatana Dharma scriptures and their practice. This event is fully funded by the passionate team of students, supporters and well-wishers of the GuruCool philosophy and principles of Spreading Santana Dharma, Preserving the Holy Scriptures and Committment to Women Empowerment and Inclusivity. Please visit for more information.

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While we will do our best to accommodate your choice of morning or afternoon session, we may need to make some adjustments to even out participation for the two sessions. We will confirm the final session based on registration patterns in the last week of Oct2018. Please be present and seated as guided by volunteers at the venue by 8:30 am or 1 pm respectively, depending on your session.
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