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This is the official application form & waitlist for the next private client intake for Balance.

Balance is a 3-month one-on-one program working with Georgie, tailored to exactly what you need to fast-track you into the truly balanced life you've been working so hard to achieve.

You will become the master of your anxious mind.

You'll have all the tools to ride through life with resilience and grace, and you'll know just what to do when anxiety comes up.

We will unravel your old belief systems, overriding self doubt and the inner critic, deepen your trust in yourself and your intuition, and unlock a steady state within of accepting yourself as you are.

We'll review your schedule and daily rituals, heal your gut, increase your energy levels and balance your hormones - whatever comes up that you need to bring your body into balance, we will address.

I will push you to feel at home in your next-level state of confidence, reduce the drama of your life, and ultimately, find that balance so that together, we can ensure the vision you have for your life - in business, health, emotional wellbeing and relationships - becomes a reality.

You'll have access to 4 weekly one-on-one sessions with me per month, additional support tools, personalised hypnotherapy audio tracks, meditations and video trainings designed to bring to life your own concept of balance. We focus on aspects of your mindset and physical health, to make consistent, lasting and achievable changes.

By applying here, you'll be contacted directly when the next available spaces open for a free-of-charge 30 minute discovery call to ensure Balance is the best fit for you.
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Have you ever worked with a naturopath before? If yes, how was the experience for you? *
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What's holding you back from feeling this way? What are your main challenges and roadblocks? *
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We spend ~$800K on a house and ~$50K for a new car. How much is living your life from a deeply aligned and peaceful state of balance worth to you? *
I only have limited capacity to take on new clients. As such, I can only work with those who are ready to do the work, invest in themselves and committed to their growth. Are you ready to commit? *
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