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Friends of Chautauqua Theater 2019 Renewal Form
Hello and welcome to the 2019 Friends of Chautauqua Theater! We are so honored to have you back for the 2019 Season! Below we are trying something a little new! Instead of sending our traditional signup forms, we'd love to "Go Green" and do signups online. Please fill out the Google form below and submit when finished. If you have ANY questions, please let us know at: and we'll respond to your questions as quickly as possible.

We are so excited to have you onboard this year!

Special dates to keep in mind this year are:
The Young Playwright Project (July 2 at 5pm and 7pm in Smith Wilkes)
Meet Our 2019 Conservatory (June 23 at 2:30pm in Smith Wilkes)
"Hello, Chautauqua!" Benefit (formerly, HIGTJ) (July 3 at 3pm in Bratton)
Play Discussion Forums (Sundays, June 30, July 14 & 31, August 11 from 12:45 to 2pm at Children's School)
Sneak-Peeks Tech Rehearsals (June 26 and July 24 in Bratton)
Bratton Late Night Cabaret (August 2 at 10pm in Bratton)
CHQ Play RDRS Benefit "Selected Shorts" (August 24 at 10am in Lenna Hall)

Be sure to head over to Facebook and join the Friends of Chautauqua Theater group as well! We love to have you join our online group where we can share photos to the group of this and years past, connect online with company members who may need an additional resource, learn about new adventures off-grounds/off-season, and so much more! Be on the lookout for FCT Merchandise coming soon!
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