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Patient Registration and Consent Form
updated 1.31.2019
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(A separate form must be completed for each horse)
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History of illness/injury and current medications
Authorization and Consent for Treatment
Please select one of the following four options:
North Wind Package: physical exam, sedation, full set of baseline dental radiographs, oral exam, float, and any necessary leveling of teeth.
Basic Package: physical exam, sedation, oral exam, float, and any necessary leveling of teeth; no radiographs taken unless an issue is noted on oral exam.
More information on package options can be found here:
Please indicate what should happen if you are not able to be present at your animal's appointment. If you have financial stipulations or other requirements, please add them in "other". *
Please check each of the boxes to indicate your understanding.
North Wind Equine may use pictures or descriptions of my animal for educational purposes (which may include educational presentations and/or informational posts on social media). *
By typing my name below, I certify that I am the owner (or agent of the owner) of the above listed animal, and I authorize North Wind Equine to provide dental care for the animal (including sedation, examination, and treatment). *
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