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The Greater Good: Application Form
Thank you for your interest in The Greater Good DeCal! Not sure if you want to do the application right now? No problem! Give us your name and email at and we'll keep you updated and remind you when apps are due.

Class will start the third week of class (the week of September 5-9). Time and room number will be sent out once available.
We'll evaluate applications in three waves:

If you submit by before Thurs, 8/18, we'll decide by Fri, 8/19 (Week before class starts).
If you submit by before Tues, 8/23, we'll decide by Wed, 8/24 (First day of Berkeley classes).
If you submit by Thurs, 9/1, we'll decide by Fri, 9/2 (Friday before DeCal starts).

The application will officially close on Friday, 9/2. If you get in, you MUST come to the first class to get the Course Control Number, or your spot will be given away!

There are three short required multiple choice questions and one required short response (100-250 words). We expect this will take you around 15 minutes to complete. If you have any problems, contact us at

Short Multiple Choice (Required)
We need this information to contact you and give you the correct CCN, so please double check that it's right! If you have any problems, contact us at
What's your Berkeley email? *
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What is your TeleBEARs class standing? *
NOTE: This is NOT always the same as your actual year, especially if you came in with AP credit from high school; please check TeleBEARs to make sure. We'll need this to get you the right CCN.
How likely are you to take the class if you get in? *
We're not going to reject you based on the answer to this, but if you say you're unlikely to get in, we'll follow up with you by email to see if you can make it :)
How did you find out about the DeCal *
Main Application (Required)
In this section you will choose one of three arguments and write a 100-250 word response addressing your feelings about the argument and evaluating its claims. We present one-sentence summaries below; when you choose, you will be directed to a page with the full argument and given space to write your response. Your response is the only remaining required question.
Choose the position below *
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