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Social Justice Committee Petition
If you would like to support the following reforms for the Jersey City Police Department please enter your information in the petition below.

The Jersey City Alumni Chapter of Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, Inc. and a coalition of organizations, urges
the following reforms to create systemic and lasting change in how Jersey City protects & serves its citizens.

1. Require officers to de-escalate situations where reasonably possible.

2. Hold officers who fail to prevent or stop illegal or inappropriate force by other officers, or those who fail to report these incidents per JCPD General Order 5-20 (issued 8/1/2020), be just as liable administratively as the officers who used illegal or inappropriate force.

3. Require officers to complete Use of Force reports whenever they threaten to use force.

4. Ensure that every officer that interacts with the public is properly equipped and trained to comply with General Order 6-19 (issued 3/25/19), JCPD’s Body Worn Camera Policy, and that appropriate disciplinary action is taken against any officer that violates the policy.

5. End of For-Profit Policing policies:
    a. Do not participate in any programs that provide extra funding or other incentives for issuing more tickets or arrests
    b. Limit fines/ fees for low-income people
    c. End civil forfeitures without criminal convictions
    d. Require police department budgets to bear the cost of misconduct

6. Support NJ Senate Bill 2656, which would expand the types of police records available to the public, including police disciplinary records.

7. Stop purchasing or using military weaponry, such as that obtained through the U.S. Defense Logistics Agency’s LESO/1033 program, that cannot be purchased outside of the military to be used for lethal force.

8. Wherever reasonably possible, remove policing of social issues from the scope of policing responsibilities. Promote funding of social service agencies and implement evidence-based interventions to address substance use, mental health crisis, and homelessness, through the creation of a Crisis Intervention Team to address non-violent offenses.
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