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Junior Coach Application
Welcome! We are so excited to have you join the PCFC family.

We want to provide you the opportunity to learn the skills of time management, organization, problem-solving and professionalism all through soccer. PCFC provides high quality, affordable soccer to underserved youth in the Portland metro area. You are an important part of offering high quality soccer that everyone can afford! You are about to join a coaching staff that not only loves this game but loves to pass along their knowledge to younger generations.

This position does the have the possibility of receiving a coaching stipend. You are only eligible to receive the stipend after you complete 1-2 online education courses and 3 months of on the field training. The amount of pay will be determined based upon your success during your training period.

The application below is a very important first step towards showing us your dedication and commitment to coaching. A successful coach is someone who can manage multiple tasks, stay organized and control their emotions when things get tough. Please fill out all the answers completely.

We will contact you after we've received your application. Thank you and we look forward to working with you!

Kaig Lightner,
PCFC Director of Coaching
All for Soccer, Soccer for All!

Learn to be a coach!
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What is your current Grade Point Average at school? This answer will not disqualify you from the Junior Coaching program. It is just for the club to know. Part of being a good coach is the ability to manage multiple things. We want to make sure you are able to handle school work and this program. *
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