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Entrepreneurship Application Form Phase 4
1. Surname *
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2. First Name(s) *
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3. Email Address *
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4. Phone number (07xxxxxx) *
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5. Please insert the LINK to your Facebook page below ( We use messenger to communicate with you about customization and feedback on the program. If you currently do not have a Facebook account, you can create a temporary one just for the program duration *
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6. Do you have access to the internet? *
7. Do you have access to a computer/Laptop? ( The platform only currently works on computers (not mobile), so a computer/laptop is required) *
8. Gender *
9. Age *
10. I am aware this application is for the people interested in the Entrepreneurship course, and that there is another form for the Work Readiness course. *
11. Which country are you from? *
(b) If you are from Kenya, which COUNTY do you currently reside in? (eg. Nakuru, Kwale) *
12. Which estate do you currently reside in? *
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13. What is your highest level of education? *
14. Are you currently operating a business that needs to be improved? *
b) If yes, please describe your business *
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15. If 'NO' to the question above, do you have a strong business idea you would like to pursue? *
b) If yes, please describe your idea *
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16. What industry is your business idea/existing business in? *
b). If you selected other, state the background of your business or idea *
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17. Are you currently employed? *
18. What is your current source of livelihood? *
b) If you selected ‘Other’ above, please describe your source of livelihood *
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19. What is your current average monthly income in Kenya shillings? *
20. Which of these most accurately describes your current situation? *
21. Will you commit the next 3 years to building your business? *
22. Can you commit at least 10 hours a week to work on the program content? *
23. Where did you hear about this opportunity? *
24. If you chose other kindly state where you heard about this opportunity *
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