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The Rhythm of Hope Shop
Welcome to our very own Thrift and Merch Dance Shop!
All profits benefit our dance outreach program @rhythmofhopeoutreach!

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Our Branded Merchandise & Goods
"Once you choose hope, anything is possible" Christopher Reeves
Stage Coach: 1st Class Online Ballet Technique Course
Everything you need to know BEFORE you start to dance (Suggested from ages 11 and up) by our very own Adult Ballet Mistress!
Ideal for beginners (junior or adult) or those wanting to get an even better workout/results from their classes or teachers who want their students to FEEL what correct technique feels like…

Includes 8 videos
ROHD MEMBER SPECIAL R1000 (available from our Shop or directly from The Stage Coach Website:

* Video 1 (22.57 mins) Foundations 2 Feet Deep
* Video 2 (6.36 mins) The Bees Knees
* Video 3 (13.35 mins) Hip Hip Hooray
* Video 4 (5.53) Core Crunch Time
* Video 5 (13.06mins) Wings and Other Swan Things
* Video 6 (9.11 mins) Charmed Arms
* Video 7 (9.48 mins) Harmonious Hands
* Video 8 (3.52 mins) To Crown it All
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Wellness Products we Endorse
These are wellness products we endorse and would highly recommend for any dancer/ dance family.

Magnesium Bath Salts:
- REMOVES TOXINS from the body (built up through stress, flavourings, colourants & preservatives in our food) and gets broken down by the sulphate.
- Results include BETTER SLEEP and FOCUS (especially in babies & kids).
- Magnesium also helps ENZYMES FUNCTION BETTER better, helping the body absorb needed nutrients like calcium from food more effectively, thereby reducing the risk of OSTEOPOROSIS.
- Magnesium helps the body produce MORE SEROTONIN, the happy hormone, helping you feel better about life in general.
- The salt is also ANTISEPTIC, which helps the skin heal quicker and it also disinfects the body and bath environment, protecting you against bacterial and flu infections. Make bath-time extra special, relaxing and beneficial!

The added of coconut oil in these products also prevents the bath salts to cause dry and itchy skin.
Safe for all ages and skin types.

Maintenance dosage: Add 4 Scoops to hot, running water and bath for at least 15-20mins for good absorption.
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Our Pre-Loved Thrift Store
The place where we sell the pre-loved dance wear gifted to or sold through our platform- this section is from our community, for our community and outreach!
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