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Spokespeople: Participant Information
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Project title: Spokespeople
You are invited to take part in a study being conducted by researchers at Newcastle University. We are carrying out research into how people can collect meaningful data about their everyday cycling journeys. Each participant will be provided with a bluetooth button which can be mounted on bicycle handlebars. This button will work alongside an android application to enable participants to provide information about incidents they encounter on their commutes. These incidents may involve "near misses", concerns about safety or other experiences they want to record during their journeys.
What is the research about?
The aim of the research is to understand how people can collect, make sense of and use data about their everyday cycling journeys.
What are the benefits of taking part?
Each participant will be provided with a flic bluetooth button. The research will also give you a chance to discuss your local area and help shape the technology and provide information that could be used in the future planning of cycling provision in Newcastle.
Are there any risks?
The risks of participating in this study are minimal. However, you may be identifiable from the information provided. In this case, the impact on you is likely to be negligible since the study does not aim to explore any particularly sensitive topics.
Can I withdraw?
Participation in this study is entirely voluntary. You may withdraw at any point and you need not give a reason. If you request, any of your data collected up until that point will be destroyed. Your continued participation in the study should be as informed as any initial consent, so you should feel free to ask for clarification or new information throughout.
What do I need to do?
The first step is to complete this form to enrol in the study.

Before the trial begins you will then be provided with a flic button and given instructions for how to use the button with the Spokespeople system.

A two week study will be carried out. During this period you will be asked to continue to cycle as normal and to press the flic button whenever you have an incident on your journey that you would like us to know about. Later you will be prompted through the app to provide further detail about the incident. At the end of the two weeks you will be sent a short survey about your experience during this time.

After the study you will also be invited to a workshop with other study participants. The aim will be to understand your experiences of the study, make sense of the data together and to decide how we could use the data to advocate for cycling.

Will my records be kept confidential?
Any information provided by you in the context of this study will be stored securely and confidentially. We will also take care to separate all personal details and make sure that your personal information remains anonymised. Data that you submit through the Spokespeople system will be collected, mapped and be made available on a publicly accessible website. Anonymised data may also be shared with partner organisations including Newcastle City Council.

The information collected will be used to inform the development of further research and may be included in publications, presentations, MRes dissertations and PhD theses.

Whom do I contact if I have any questions or a complaint?
In the first instance, you should contact Kyle Montague ( if you have any questions about this study or the research.
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About the Researchers
The research team is based primarily in the Open Lab (OL) at Newcastle University. It is funded by a research grant from the the EPSRC (Engineering and Physical Sciences Research Council).

Research Team:

Thomas Maskell (OL Doctoral Trainee)
Kyle Montague (OL Research Associate)
Clara Crivellaro (OL Research Associate)

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