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Technology Resources Acceptable Use Agreement
3-6 Elementary Student

NCA provides technology resources for educational use. As such, the staff reserves the right to limit technology use for educational purposes only. As a student, I understand that it is a privilege and will follow these rules:

I will only use the technology with the teacher’s permission and for the purpose the teacher requests. This includes my own devices.
I will treat the technology respectfully and carefully. I will report any problems to my teacher.
I will respect copyright laws and will make sure to show where I found the information. I will not download copyrighted material.
I will be polite and show respect when online.
I will stay safe and never share my personal information online.
I will not buy or sell anything using the school’s technology.
I will use only my own passwords.
I will tell my teacher immediately if I accidentally open an inappropriate web page.

If I break these rules, I may lose my technology privilege. I promise to follow the rules.

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