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Closed Track Application for Smith in the City New York Trip 2017
The SUSA NY trip will be held on Nov. 2-3, 2017. Application due: Monday, April 17, 2017.

Before you continue any further, please make sure to review the criteria and requirements for closed tracks, which you can find below

CLOSED tracks are for programs or departments within the business school where a Smith faculty/staff can take up to 18 of their own selected students on their own special track for the Smith in the City New York Trip. CLOSED Track faculty/staff applicants will select their desired faculty/staff track advisor and student track leader, who will attend the SUSA training for Track Leaders.

CLOSED Tracks will be subsidized by the department/faculty/staff that submitted the application, meaning that they will have to pay SUSA to take their students on this trip. The amount will be provided once budget is finalized and cover transportation, lodging, and the alumni networking event. The track will also be responsible for contributing additional alumni for the alumni networking portion of the trip to ensure that their track focus is properly represented. The CLOSED Tracks will participate in all of the same activities and follow the same itinerary as the OPEN Tracks.

The most crucial part of the application will be ensuring that the CLOSED track differs from all existing OPEN tracks. The CLOSED Track may not attend the same companies that an OPEN track is attending. It is imperative that the CLOSED tracks use the descriptions provided here ( ) to ensure that they are significantly different and their goals do not overlap. Tracks will be assessed on their individuality and their intent to attend the New York trip.

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