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AHAbook 4-Question Form
Questions for Authors when Submitting an AHAbook™ for AHAthat™

When submitting an AHAbook for consideration on AHAthat, we don't need a full-blown proposal; however, we would like you to spend the time to answer the questions below so that we can have good content to add to the sales page for your book.

You can either fill out the whole form or just the AHAbook title, your name and email address and we will get back to you.

If you have any questions, please send us an e-mail to or give us a call at 408-257-3000.
1) Who is the reader and what do you want the reader to take away from the AHAbook? If the goal of your book is to generate speaking or consulting engagements, or to encourage the sale of a product, why should the reader care about what you're talking about? Please address these points below: Who is the Intended Audience? (Please list the types of people you would like to read this book.) *
What will the reader take away from this book? (4-5 bullet points describing what the reader will take away after reading the AHAbook.) *
Title *
The title should be short and focused on grabbing the attention of your primary audience.
The subtitle should be longer, but chock full of keywords, and focused on grabbing the attention of your secondary audience.
Paragraph summary:
The paragraph summary should be salesy (written in 3rd person) and encourage the prospective reader to want to buy your book. A minimum of 2-paragraph summary is needed.
Sections Titles: Can create these while you're writing your AHAmessages if that's easier.
The sections are how you are going to clump your AHAmessages.
Keywords (8-15 key phrases)
The keywords are used for search-engine optimization so please don't hold back on sharing the appropriate keywords with us.
How do you plan on marketing the book?
List your top 5-10 clients and who might be interested in buying/distributing your book in bulk.
Name *
Email Address *
Bio (Please share your 100-250-word bio (in 3rd person) *
If we accept your title, this is the bio that is posted on the Web page advertising your book.
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