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2019 WMU Stormwater Survey
WMU is asking students and the public to take this short survey to gauge public knowledge of stormwater runoff. This survey will help us determine specific areas that the public could use further education related to stormwater. Your answers will help us gauge how well our information is reaching students and the local community.

WMU is a permitted Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4) operator. As such, we are tasked with furthering public educating, and encouraging involvement, as it relates to stormwater management. This is a requirement of our permit and a valuable stewardship opportunity for the community. WMU has done multiple projects on and around campus to make sure our Waters-of-the-State are cleaner and safer for all aquatic life in the area. Please take the time to learn and see what we are doing to make our waters better for the community.

One way you can help our efforts to improve stormwater management in the community is to review information on our website: Please check out our monthly "MEME" as it relates to stormwater at the bottom of the EHS homepage. Click on the documents at the bottom of the EHS website for more information.

If you have comments on the survey or stormwater information on our website, we encourage you to post them at the end of this survey.
1. Which best describes your affiliation with Western Michigan University (WMU)?
2. Have you ever visited Western's EHS website ( to learn more about protecting our waters?
3. When it rains and storm water runs into the storm drain in the street, where does it go?
4. If there is a chemical spill outside what should you do? (Gas, Antifreeze, Blood, other chemicals)
5. Did you know Western has a household hazardous pick-up during move-out?
6. How many stormwater Best Manament Practices (BMP's) have been implemented on Westerns Campus? These include Retention ponds, underground infiltration basins, rain gardens, etc.
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