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Panhellenic Executive Board Application
Thank you for your interest in applying for the Panhellenic Executive Board. Please make sure that you have reviewed all of the details of this application and requirements for the positions before submission. All applications are due on October 23rd by 5:00PM.

This application does include a one page extended response on the final page, so it is suggested that you preview this prompt before filling in the application.

Please read carefully:
According to Article IV Section 2B of the Panhellenic Council Bylaws, an Executive Board Candidate must have a cumulative GPA of a 3.0 or higher.

According to Article IV Section 3A Executive Board applicants must have experience as a former Chapter Executive Board member, Panhellenic Council Director, Recruitment Counselor, Panhellenic Delegate, or Panhellenic Executive Board office, or relevant outside experience approved by the current executive board.

By signing the final page of this application, I agree to:
-Maintain a GPA above 3.0 (cumulative)
-Attend ALL Panhellenic Council Meetings every other Thursday at 5:30PM
-Attend weekly Panhellenic Council Executive Board meetings
-Communicate with the director(s) I oversee at least once a week
-Attend and participate in Panhellenic sponsored activities
-Disaffiliate from my chapter for fall formal recruitment
-Be an active member of my chapter and in good standing during my term

Panhellenic Election Process
-Applications for executive positions will be screened by means of an interview style process by a committee consisting of a representative from each sorority
-After the screening, the committee shall present a written slate to the Panhellenic Council at the next Panhellenic meeting
-The slate will be read during Panhellenic meeting, upon which delegates are required to present this information to their chapters and vote on the presented slate at the proceeding Panhellenic meeting.
-The election will be held during a Panhellenic Council meeting, and the official Delegates shall vote for their chapters.
Important Dates
If selected for Panhellenic Exec, you will be expected to attend:

-Greek Leadership Summit January 8th -9th
-Greek Expo January 16th
-AFLV Central Conference - February 8-11, 2018
-Pan Preview March 3rd
-Other events as needed

Panhellenic Executive Board Positions
Vice President of Internal Affairs
Vice President of Public Relations
Vice President of Recruitment*
Vice President of Recruitment Counselors*
Vice President of Administration
Vice President of Member Development
Vice President of Philanthropy and Community Service
Vice President of Scholarship

To view a full list of position descriptions and contact information for each, please click here:

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