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Book Share India started in Feb – 2016 with an aim to create and honour book readers by creating a sustainable, innovative and simple system for book donation and sharing. We work on innovative and technologically advanced solutions to help the under privileged students to achieve their dreams.

In this 2.5 year-old-journey, we have received 70,000+ donated books and won first prize in CRISIL Foundation’s “Change the Scene” competition. Currently we are working on many exciting projects like “Open Library”, “Gurujinchi Shaala”, etc.

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Details of departments and Task
1. Content Writing (English/Marathi)

Writing creative and fresh content for BSI’s social media platforms and other digital as well as non-digital promotional medium.


1. Content writing for word press blog. (Book reviews or blogs related to books like “Ways to develop a reading habit”.)
2. Writing content of posts for all the social media platforms. (Facebook, Google +, LinkedIn)
3. Writing reports for newspapers, magazines and other print media.
4. Writing content of posts to wish on festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc.
5. Writing content of posts to celebrate special book related days like “World Book Day”, “National Authors Day”.
6. Website content writing.
7. Writing book reviews.
8. Writing and proofreading promotional marketing copy.

2. Promotion (Non - Digital)

Exploring non-digital mediums to promote Book Share India.


1. Plan advertising and promotional campaigns.
2. Taking appointments of news channels, radios, and newspapers and discussing our new initiatives.
3. Initiate market research studies and analyse their findings to understand the best way to promote.
4. Promoting BSI’s concepts in NGO meets, Book Exhibitions or any other book or reading related events.
5. Making and executing promotional strategies related to events or camps organised by BSI.
6. Attending meetings and sharing ideas at brainstorming sessions, reporting back details of discussions.
7. Organizing events like Book Exhibitions, Book Fairs, Book Exchange Mela, etc.
8. Assisting in the preparation of presentations for collaborations.

3. Promotion (Digital)

Look for and work on ideas that will work to promote BSI on digital platforms. Penning down creative ideas for posters, videos, competitions on social media, etc.


1. Plan for the competitions on Social Media platforms. For example, “Add a caption to the photo”.
2. Creating videos for BSIs YouTube channel.
3. Co-ordinating with content writer and creating images for promoting BSI.
4. Keeping a track of all the happenings on social media pages of BSI and reaching it out to maximum number of people.

4. Designing

If you are good at colour combinations and technically at digital editing tools like Corel Draw, Photo Shop, you can join here.


1. Coordinating with the content writer or any BSI team member for the content or information.
2. Designing post for social media platforms
3. Designing posts to wish on festivals like Diwali, Christmas, etc.
4. Designing post for promotional material (for eg: posters, flexes, etc.)

5. Book Reading Sessions

BSI organises reading sessions to encourage students to read books. To make reading session more engaging we also play an act. You can be a part of team, to volunteer during the reading sessions.


1. Handling the students during reading sessions.
2. Acting a book character in a play.
3. Taking permissions for organising book reading sessions.
4. Preparing reading kits for students.

6. Books sorting and listing

It includes handling of donated books logistics, right from books sorting to dispatch. The activity of sorting, labelling, listing and storage is done in Incubation cell of college (Room No. 207).


1. Sorting
2. Labelling & Listing
3. Storage & Maintenance
4. Handling book requirements requests

7. Donation points creation

Co-ordinate with NGO’s, Retails outlets and others who can be BSI’s donation points and thereby creating a sustainable network for book donation. Donation points are the locations where book donors can drop their books.


1. Making a list of NGO’s, retail outlets and others who can be BSI’s donation points.
2. Approaching the potential donation points.
3. Getting the donation form filed.
4. Giving donation point kit.

8. Book Donation Campaigns

We organise book donation drive (Mostly on Sundays from 10AM to 6PM) where we collect book donations.


1. Approaching societies and getting the permissions for donation campaigns.
2. Co-ordinate with Promotion team for promotion of campaigns.
3. Managing the activities on the day of campaigns.
4. Co-ordinate with Logistics team for transporting books.

Terms of Volunteering
BSI offers a good platform for students to volunteer and work with our team for creating social impact.
• Participation certificate for volunteering.
• Chance to participate in all the training sessions organised by BSI. (These sessions will be announced on the groups)

Minimum time commitment:
12 hours per week

12 weeks

• Each volunteer is required to complete 12 weeks of 12 hours per week.
• During exam and its preparation time, volunteer can postpone the volunteering weeks. Postponement should not be beyond 2 months.

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