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SLS Presents: Engine Room - Designer Application
Engine Room is an event with Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Aetherpunk themes, and any of their sub-genre themes.

EVENT RUNS: September 20th - October 20th
APPLICATIONS CLOSE - August 31st or sooner, if full.

▬ While we do our best, we cannot guarantee we will get time to reply to every person who has applied, so please bare with us.


▬ We do NOT want blatant porn, but stores with a fun style.
▬ YES to stores with fun accessories, toys, etc.. BDSM is welcome as long as it fits theme.
▬ NO scat, puke, or anything else extreme.
▬ If you have any question about whether your item(s) are acceptable, please feel free to ask us.

▬ We DO NOT accept stores for children's items and this will not change.
▬ We DO NOT accept stores based on selling shapes, gestures, windlights, or sounds.

▬ We DO NOT accept stores using templates in their work, you do need to be original mesh to get in.

▬ MUST be at least one new event exclusive item. (We will have future rounds that will allow for re-colors/re-textures, but those will be a different theme.)
▬ All items MUST be in a Steampunk/Dieselpunk/Aetherpunk themes, and any of their sub-genre themes,or your store may be removed.
▬ Older items are allowed, but also need to fit theme as best as possible.
▬ We do require at least 1 new exclusive item. Any discounts on these items is entirely optional.
▬ We allow older items, all in theme, but they MUST be a minimum of 25% off. Anything more is entirely up to you.
▬ You may make a gacha as your new exclusive, discount optional.
▬ You may put out older in theme gachas, but they MUST have a minimum of a 25% discount.
▬ We do ask that you have no more than 2 gachas per booth.
▬ We ask that you put an event poster out at your store, which will be sent with setup information.
▬ Must join the SLS Affairs group in world once your booth is paid for. If you do not receive your group invite within 24 hours of payment, please contact one our staff, which will be listed in an acceptance kit.
▬ If a Marketplace only store, we will consider your work, however we will ask to see some of your work rezzed out for us to look at in world.
▬ All designers are REQUIRED to set out full blogger packs of their exclusive item(s), with full perm ADs included. There will be a blogger room set up in a skybox, along with the payment area.
▬ If you are going to be late, or have other issues, you MUST contact an SLS Admin to let us know what is going on. If we do not hear from you, and no blogger pack is presented, that is a strike against your store for future events.

▬ L$3500 - 50 Prims

▬ L$2000 - 30 Prims

▬ Only 1 new exclusive item is required, but you can do as many as you want
▬ Male items & Unisex items are highly encouraged if possible.
▬ Join our Discord, its a great way to keep in contact with us and other participants. We do have rooms for each event.

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Store Manager or Partner
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Store Description *
Give a short description of what kind of store you have, can be as short as a sentence or keywords. This is so we can see if you are going to be a good fit for the theme or not, or for you to tell us why you think you would be a good fit.
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Store Logo *
Have you sent a full perm copy of your store logo, with your full store name, to Ylva Korhonen in world?
Discord Name
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Final Due Date *
All items MUST be setup by SEPTEMBER 17th or you will be removed from the round and replaced. Please check below to confirm you have read this.
Blogger Packs *
As full blogger packs of all exclusive items are required, please confirm below that you understand this and agree to put one out for the event by the end of the setup date SEPTEMBER 17th.
Booth Fees *
Please note, there are a limited number of Sponsor spots available so not everyone who applies will be given one. We will do our best to be fair each round with the limited spots.
Wait List *
Would you be ok with being put on a wait list if you do not make the first cut of accepted designers? We will contact stores on this list to replace any stores that drop out, have issues, etc., but the time to get ready may be limited.
Copyright or IP (Intellectual Property) Infringement *
You agree that your store has no images, names, or content that is of a questionable nature that would qualify as copyright and/or intellectual property infringement. We do not accept stores who have any of the above, be it items in world or listed on your Marketplace store. We are VERY strict on this. If you are unable to click below, and be honest, please do not apply as we will not accept your store.
Any Other Information
If there is anything else you would like to add, please feel free to do so below.
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Have you read the rules and requirements for this event and agree to follow them?
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