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Climate Hearing and First Stand of 2020! - Join us 8 a.m. January 13, 2020
Our Legislative leaders have an opportunity to take action NOW on our climate crisis in 2020! The Legislature is negotiating now, and the current proposal being discussed needs meaningful changes in order for bold climate action to happen in 2020.

Wealthy polluters and other special interests using their influence to prevent and water down bold climate action, and next Monday we have a critical opportunity to weigh in and make our voices heard in Salem.

We need your help in Salem next Monday, January 13th to make a clear stand for bold climate action.

Join us Monday, January 13th at anytime from 8am-5pm at our State Capitol (900 Court St NE Salem, OR 97301) Room #343. Volunteers will:
- Attend an important Legislative hearing at 8am (Hearing Room D)
- Speak to the offices of their local Legislators
- Visit the offices of Legislative leadership and the Governor
- Help amplify our messages on social media
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Please let us know if you need a ride to Salem or if you can host a local carpool and give your friends and neighbors. An organizer will follow up with you. We're organizing accessible transportations options for all climate action supporters. If you require ADA accessible transportation, have any questions or requests, then please contact Sonny Mehta at
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