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Professional Makeup Blogger Test
THE JOB: We are looking for writers to create original blog content on high performance (i.e., stage) makeup and to interview Drag Queens and other performers who use makeup in unconventional ways to create art. We will ask you to post biweekly (400 words with pictures) for I am looking to pay $35 but that's negotiable based on quality and experience. We will assign topics and/or interview subjects and you will submit completed post content.

We are looking for people have a passion for the professional makeup in general and a keen interest in Drag Queen makeup in particular.

If we select you, our website manager will interview you on the phone.

THE TEST: We are looking for an original writing sample (published or unpublished) on a google doc, See details below.

THE PAY: We will pay $10 via PayPal to all applicants who complete the requirements of the test, whether you are selected or not. We will not use any of your work unless you are selected.

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Give an example of a famous Drag Queen who, in your opinion, is doing something really wrong with their makeup. *
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Drag Makeup Tutorial on Contouring
Write a 400 word article with sample pictures on how to do contouring for Drag Queen (or Drag King) makeup.

The target audience is professional performers who want to improve their skills.

Create this article in a google doc and share a link below.

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