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AIHELSINKI Academia: Information Processing in the brain, next session is 22.03!
Hello AI enthusiast,

In 2010 Harri Valpola lectured a course on Information Processing in the brain and happily the video lectures were recorded. Curious AI members have expressed interest in going through the course together.

For you, there is yet another cool opportunity to join AIHelsinki community and get a better understanding how our brain works in the format of the study group. Are you interested and have good Machine Learning or Neuroscience background?

Then please find more information below:

Format ( to be discussed ):

Watching 12 video lectures individually and meeting every other week (~ 6 sessions) for Q&A sessions with Harri Valpola.

The course gives an introduction to the information processing
mechanisms of the brain and computational foundations of cognitive
processes (e.g., learning, perception, action, planning, attention and
memory). The topics include the principles of learning and operation
of the cerebral cortex, hippocampal formation, basal ganglia and
cerebellum among other brain areas.

The course is suitable both for those who want to understand
principles of brain functions and for those who want to apply such
principles to, e.g., machine learning or robotics.


The videos, audio files and timing information of the slides are available in


Maria 0-1, Lapinlahdenkatu 16, 2A, Helsinki
First session: 2.03.2017 @ 15.30 in Maria 0-1, A, room 2
Second session 22.03.2017 @ 15.30 in Maria 0-1, A, room 2
Please prepare by watching first 2 lectures!

Credits needed?

We can organize that with Aalto, providing you justify your study progress by some kind of study journal or by taking an exam.

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