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Тест-анкета (английский язык)

При выполнении заданий теста мы советуем Вам пользоваться исключительно своими знаниями, не прибегая к помощи других людей или дополнительных источников. Если Вы не знаете ответ на вопрос, то пропустите его. Это поможет наиболее точно определить Ваш уровень!

После заполнения теста Ваши ответы будут направлены нашему преподавателю. В ходе консультации с преподавателем Вы при желании сможете узнать свои ошибки.

Спасибо за заполнение теста!

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1. What’s ______ job? She is a hotel manager.
2. Anita usually likes coffee, but now she ______ tea.
3. Is ______ your pen over there?
4. ______? — I'm a pilot.
5. There are ______ magazines on the shelf.
6. No news ______ good news.
7. The man is old and he can't ______ well.
8. Who can tell me where ______?
9. He could open the lock ______.
10. The shoes are ______ fashionable!
11. The information is top secret, so naturally, everybody is interested in ______.
12. There isn’t ______ water in he bottle.
13. Their house is ______ than ours.
14. Who ______ after their small kids? — Their grandparents do.
15. Just look at ______ in the mirror. You are so dirty.
16. I am very proud of my sister. She ______ the guitar and the piano.
17. Do you listen to opera? – No, I ______ listen to opera. I hate it.
18. They looked ______ each other in surprise.
19. We are flying to Sochi on ______.
20. I can’t play football. I ______ my arm yesterday.
21. Have you written down ______ names?
22. They decided to go on a hike ______ the rain.
23. If you don't know the meaning of this word, _____ in the dictionary.
24. Did you fix these shelves ______?
25. My grandma makes me ______ carrots, but I prefer ice-cream.
26. You were rude ______ him for no reason.
27. When I was a student I ______ to discos every Friday night.
28. We ______ the project by the end of the month.
29. I am here to say that we ______ next week. Everything is ready.
30. This time tomorrow our family ______ on the beach of the Mediterranean sea.
31. I have found only one book. Where is ______?
32. She didn't know that he ______ her.
33. ______ three years had passed before we met again.
34. The happy man went to see his mother-in-law ______.
35. I ______ him since we ______school.
36. If the child ______ no better, we shall have to take him to hospital.
37. The boy almost never walks his dog in the morning, ______?
38. I play football with friends every weekend. — ______.
39. I ______ home when somebody ______ my name
40. ______ tourists are staying here.
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