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2019 Cool Beans School Seed Exchange Sign Up
By filling out this form, you are signing up for School Garden Network's Cool Beans Seed Swap program. Select the variety of bean you would like to steward for this year. Please choose one variety per grade level.
SGN will mail seeds to you for planting in May. Note that pole beans will need a solid 6 foot fence to grow on.
Harvest your beautiful dry heirloom beans in the fall. Save some seed to plant, swap some bean seeds with another school, and eat the rest! SGN will mail you a list of all the other CoolBean seed stewards so you can swap seeds in the fall!
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Are you interested in becoming pen pals with another grade that is stewarding an heirloom bean seed?
Which variety of heirloom bean seed would you like to steward for the 2019 season? You can choose one variety per grade level involved. Keep in mind that different varieties will need to be planted at least 10 feet apart to prevent cross pollination. We will mail you 20 seeds per variety. *
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