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Self-Assessment Parent Survey (NAEYC)
For each statement, choose “Yes” or “No” or “DK” (“don’t know”). If the statement does not apply to
your program, choose “NA (“not applicable”) if “NA” is provided as an option for that statement. Please
choose only one response per statement, and do not write in responses that are not offered as an
I have a good relationship with my child’s teacher and other staff. *
The teacher takes good care of my child, helps my child learn to get along with others, and is a good teacher. *
The teacher often shares information about things happening in the program and wants to know about things my child is doing at home. *
I talk with a teacher about my child at least once a week (or everyday if my child is a baby). *
I have received information at enrollment and/or throughout the year about the program and my child’s classroom, including information about: *
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