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How Introvert-Friendly is Your Organization?

The purpose of this survey is to understand more about what organizations are doing to create workplaces that support the needs of introverts. It should take you no more than 5 minutes to complete.

Your responses will contribute to this research. If you are willing to be contacted for a possible follow-up interview kindly provide your email address at the end of the survey.

Thank you!

1. My culture supports introverts and extroverts.
2. My team has taken a personality assessment (ex. DISC, MBTI, etc.) and this has helped us work together more effectively.
3. My organization demonstrates a willingness to hire and promote introverts.
4. Some leaders in my organization talk openly about being introverted.
5. It is considered acceptable for people to work by themselves in my organization.
6. I observe efforts made to engage introverts in meetings.
7. Training programs in my organization provide opportunities for both discussion and reflection time.
8. Working remotely is an accepted practice at my organization.
9. My office environment offers options for introverts to be productive.
10. Below is a list of introvert-friendly practices. For each practice that is in your workplace, rate its effectiveness.
Highly effective
Somewhat effective
Slightly effective
Not Applicable (NA)
Quiet rooms where quiet is enforced
Virtual workspaces (ex. Slack)
Remote work options
Accepted use of headphones
Respect for quiet when requested
Props like "Do Not Disturb" signs
Video conferencing options
Small group meetings
Meetings scheduled when necessary
Agendas distributed before meetings
Online learning options
Individuals who advocate for introverts in hiring and promotion discussions
Introverts are consulted when new relevant company initiatives are launched.
My manager flexes their style to meet the needs of introverts and extroverts
Brainwriting techniques
11. What introvert-friendly practices do you wish your team, organization or boss would implement? The sky is the limit here so please share any ideas you have considered or ones that occur to you now.
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12. Do you have any other ideas to share about best practices for introverts in the workplace?
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Size of organization
Job Function
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Email: If you are willing to be contacted for follow up questions and receive the report of results.
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