Pharmacy Digital Readiness Assessment
How "digital" is your pharmacy? Are you ready for the digital and economic challenges ahead?

Complete this digital assessment and find out how digitally ready your pharmacy is.

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Do you currently have a published pharmacy website?
Who manages the website? Where is it hosted?
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Is your website an ecommerce website? (e.g. do you sell from it?)
Please comment on how you manage your eCommerce site and approximate # sales per week.
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Do you have a responsive website? (e.g. does it "resize" if you view it on a mobile device)
Do you have an active social media presence? (active = post twice per week and monitor daily)
Have you completed your Google My Business listing?
Do you advertise using Adwords, Doubleclick or the like?
Do you have an existing customer database of emails?
Do you send out regular electronic mail distributions/newsletters?
Do you have a digital strategy as part of your business plan?
Have you developed a yearly digital marketing calendar for your pharmacy?
Do you review Google Analytics if you have a website?
Are you a branded or independent pharmacy? *
Which Brand if so?
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What do you want to achieve by being online? Why do you want to have a website? *
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How will your website support your business?
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What do you envisage your customers will do on your website?
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What is your approximate yearly digital budget? (e.g. set up and maintainance costs plus staff time/costs)
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Do you want an eCommerce website?
Will you display your catalogue on the website?
What human resources have you got to support this exercise? How many labour hours per week?
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What methods will you use to drive customer engagement?
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