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Title of Research Project:  

Connective tissues disorders, correlates of pain, stress and management.

Description of Research Project:  

We aim in this study to investigate whether EDS female participants have higher stress levels than university female participants, if pain has a correlation with the level of perceived stress, if EDS participants have a deficiency in essential nutrients, and to investigate the ways in how to manage the stress and pain in EDS individuals.

Participants required to answer one questionnaire including questions about demographics, perceived stress, depression, and pain (pain related questions are only for EDS participants). This questionnaire will be answered online, answering this questionnaire will not take more than 15 minutes from the participant’s time.

There will be 40 participants in total, 20 from university students, and 20 from EDS society.

Participants will be given by a study number, so their data remains anonymous. Their names will only be used on the consent form. Consent forms will be kept securely for the length of time advised by the ethics board. They will then be destroyed.  

The data that will be collected from the participants will not be shared with third parties.

Investigator Contact Details:

Name Rama Chouihna
Department life science
Postcode W25NA
Telephone 00971553349292

Consent Statement:

I agree to take part in this research and am aware that I am free to withdraw at any point without giving a reason by contacting Rama Chouihna. I understand that if I do withdraw, my data may not be erased but will only be used in an anonymised form as part of an aggregated dataset. I understand that the personal data collected from me during the course of the project will be used for the purposes outlined above in the public interest.

By signing this form you are confirming that you have been informed about and understand the University’s Data Privacy Notice for Research Participants.

The information you have provided will be treated in confidence by the researcher and your identity will be protected in the publication of any findings. The purpose of the research may change over time, and your data may be re-used for research projects by the University in the future. If this is the case, you will normally be provided with additional information about the new project.

Please note: if you have a concern about any aspect of your participation or any other queries please raise this with the investigator or the Supervisor. However, if you would like to contact an independent party please contact the Head of Department.

Supervisor Contact Details:                                           Head of Department Contact Details:
Name Dr Patrick Brady                                                              Name Dr Michael Patterson
Department of life Science                                                       Department of life Science
University address 2078,parkstead house,                             University address Room 2071 Whitelands College
                                                                                                     Holybourne Ave
whitelands Telephone no: 02083923258                              
                                                                                                      Telephone no: 02083923189

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