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Cognition & Neurocognitive Disorders Research Lab RA Application
The lab is always looking for highly motivated students to contribute to research. Please review the requirements and expectations here: and fill out the application below.
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Research Interest & Availability
Why do you want to join the lab? Please list any relevant experience that you may have. Please list your relevant coursework and grades, e.g., Research Methods, Statistics, Experimental, Cognition, etc. *
Which semesters are you interested in working in the lab? Undergraduate research assistants spend a minimum of 10 hours per week for 2 semesters (one full academic year) working in the lab. Graduate students are expected to take on more responsibility. Please select all that apply. *
What are your current weekly obligations/commitments? For example, are you employed and how many hours do you work, are you a member of another lab, greek organization or a sports team, etc? If so, explain how you plan to manage your time between the lab and these other obligations. *
Please feel free to include anything else you would like us to know, nickname, personal pronoun, etc.
Thank you for your interest.
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