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NYC Healthy School Food Alliance // Contact Form
Thank you so much for joining our grassroots movement aimed at changing the way New York City is feeding our public school children. Please take just a few moments to fill out the form below, so that we can figure out how to best harness your time and talents!
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Are you involved with your school's PTA or SLT? *
Would you be able or willing to run a 10 minute presentation at a local community meeting in your neighborhood this spring? (e.g. at a CEC meeting, a PTA meeting, or a Community Board meeting) We'd provide you with a PowerPoint presentation and talking points, and work with you to schedule the meeting with the local leaders. *
If not, would you be able to find another parent or caregiver at your school who would be able to make such a presentation? (And then connect them with us, obviously...) *
Would you be willing to make phone calls, send emails, write letters, or attend local hearings with your local elected leaders advocating for changes to NYC school food? *
Can you think of ONE parent or caregiver who lives in a different school district than you, who might be willing to work with us in a similar capacity? If so, can you provide us with their email below?
Any other special skills, high profile connections, or resources you have access to that would further our mission? *
How did you hear about the NYC Healthy School Food Alliance? *
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