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Media accreditation: The Boat Race 2020
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Photography opportunity - Monday 23rd March
On Monday 23rd March, there will be a photo opportunity with the 4 Blue Boat crews and the Race umpires outside Thames Rowing Club at 14.00.
Will you attend the photo opportunity?
The last week before the Race, when the squads will have moved to London to begin final preparations. Time for fine-tuning the crews through short training sessions and relaxing ahead of Race day.

We will have availability for press to follow the outings listed below:
Press conferences
These will take place starting at 10.00 on Friday 27th March. There will be one with the President, Cox and Coach of each Club and also a press conference with the Umpires - Judith Packer (Women's Race) and Sarah Winckless (Men's Race)
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Do you require desk space at the start press office at Thames Rowing Club press office? (start) *
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Thank you for applying for accreditation for The Boat Race 2020
Confirmation will be sent to you in due course.

Please note that for all outings and for Race day, launch spaces are limited.

If you have any queries, please contact Maria O'Connor:
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