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A Chinatown is an ethnic enclave of Chinese or Han people located outside mainland China, Hong Kong, Macau, or Taiwan, most often in an urban setting. Areas known as "Chinatown" exist throughout the world, including Asia, Australia, the Americas, Africa and Europe. Binondo's Chinatown located in Manila, Philippines is the oldest Chinatown in the world, established in 1594. The most well-known Chinatown in USA and the largest in the world is in San Francisco.

In every Chinatown you can find a traditional Chinese New Year festival, commerce and a good place to eat. Buildings follow Chinese architecture. Archways are a common sight in most Chinatowns. It tells you a lot about the local Chinese population and the society they lived in.

Residents speak Mandarin or Cantonese and their new country's language. Street signs and school classes are in both languages. Many people practice traditional Chinese religions. All in all, Chinatowns are a great place to visit!
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