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2018-2019 Odyssey Literary Magazine Submissions
Odyssey General Submission Guidelines
for Poetry, Fiction, and Creative Non-Fiction

Authors are limited to 3 submissions at any one time. Any combination of poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction cannot total more than three submissions. Once an action has been made on a previous submission you can submit another piece. No author will have more than one piece published. Deadline for submissions is November 30th!

General Fiction & Literary Non-Fiction Guidelines:
Please keep your stories and essays to 1,200 words or less.

Font: keep it conventional. If you want to be taken seriously out there in the publishing world, stick to conventional fonts, styles, and sizes.
Color: Black
Size: 12
Type: Times or Times New Roman
No crazy colors. No giant titles.

A word about profanity… we are a high school literary magazine and we can’t print profanity. I know, I know, sometimes it fits the situation. Unfortunately, we cannot accept it.

Guidelines for Poetry Submissions
For poems, you can send up to five poems if you’re not submitting in another category.
Poems must be spaced as you want them to appear in print. If it’s supposed to be single spaced, make sure it is submitted that way. A word about centering: It’s mostly the mark of a rookie writer. If you choose to center your poem, you should have a pretty compelling reason for centering it. If your reason is because you think it looks good that way, it’s not a good enough reason.

How to Submit:

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