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Awesome Game Master Application
Volunteer game masters will use their expert skills to teach our house guests the hottest games on the planet, and some crowd favorites and classics too! Many games will be taught by the members of Tantrum House and our VIP guests; however, we will have a list of hot games and favorites that we’d like your help in teaching at tournaments and events. By filling out this form, you agree to the volunteer expectations outlined on our website at:

Tournaments are organized plays of a specific game (possibly many copies of the game starting at the same time) with prizes awarded to the winners. A game overview will be provided, and the TantrumCon Game Master must know the rules thoroughly, keep scores, and monitor the play for the duration of the tournament.

Attendees will have the opportunity to fully learn and play our event games. The main job of the TantrumCon Game Masters will be to set up the game, teach by outlining the rules, demonstrating movement and components, and be available nearby if the attendees have questions. GMs should have a goal of getting players started as soon as possible.

TantrumCon has reinvented and increased efficiency in event game teaching, taking it to the next level…unlike anything you have seen before! Game Masters will teach a “pod of tables” with a new game starting at timed intervals in their group of three tables. The GM will teach each game according to their schedule, and be available to help gamers at the other tables with questions. Basically, we will work with you to create an ideal amount of time to teach each game and not be overwhelmed.

Game Masters must purchase their badge before the convention, and will receive a full badge reimbursement (early bird or regular price) after their hours have been completed for volunteering to teach 3 pods of gaming, which is 9-12 games over a period of about 9 hours, using 2-4 tables at a time.

Please allow us some time to go through and accept applications. We are collecting information at this time and plan to notify GM's in December. Please submit questions to

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We have a list of games that we think will be a big hit for attendees. Please click here to see the list and add which games you'd like to teach in a paragraph below:
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