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Let The Way Be Open Registration July 20-22
Gratitude in advance for giving us your info so we can prepare for your arrival!
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We have limited space indoors and plenty of sweet camping space near the main house. Is it important to you to sleep indoors? *
If camping, do you need to borrow any gear? If so, which items? *
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All meals will be vegetarian with gluten & dairy free options. If you have other dietary needs and will be bringing your own food, will you need refrigerator space? *
Babies are welcome to be with their mothers all weekend. We will also have eager babysitters to hold & watch over them if need be. Little ones that need running around attention will need to stay home this time. Will you be bringing your baby? *
Is there anything you would like us to know about your wellbeing needs this weekend? *
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Can you offer space in your vehicle to carpool with those in your area? *
Will you share what draws you to this experience? *
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Do you have any questions? Feel at ease asking for ANY clarity you need to feel comfortable and prepared to participate from Friday 5pm to Sunday 12pm.
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Are you in need of financial assistance to cover the $100 registration fee? *
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