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Title: Support Peace Corners at Dunbar SchoolPhotos: 1(Dunbar poster table) 2(photo cards) 3(handwritten instruction card by student)Content: Park School has partnered with Dunbar Elementary in Glen Ellen, a school community affected by the fires. The Dunbar Principal asked us for help with Peace Corners to support the social-emotional wellbeing of the children. We are raising $$ to provide the tools to create Peace Corners in each classroom at Dunbar. What is a Peace Corner?The peace corner is a powerful and touching space in the classroom that supports self-regulation. It’s called the “peace corner” because there is something peaceful about simply being allowed to experience our feelings and take care of our self in the way that is right for us.It’s PRIVATEIt’s STRUCTUREDIt includes CHOICEIt’s INVITINGIt’s a movement toward independence and ultimately into everyday life. How can I help create Peace Corners at Dunbar? Now thru Dec 21!· Donate cash or check (made out to Dana Tuttle), drop off in office· Donate money via Paypal:· Purchase beautiful photo cards, by former Park parent, Jay Tamang (limited quantity)o 5 cards for $10o 10 cards for $20o Available for purchase in the office *
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