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Drawings will be held at the end of each week of Sefiras HaOmer

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Terms of raffle:
  1. Participants must reside in Maryland.
  2. SHABBOS REST CHALLENGE: Anyone with a cellphone or screened device can participate. Screen Free means free from distraction = NO phone calls, texting, gaming devices, email and screen time on any electronic device. YES to preparing for Shabbos and peacefully welcoming in the Shabbos (With prayer, Torah study, spending time with the family, and other meaningful activities). Choose how many minutes before candle lighting you commit (Bli Neder) to go Screen Free.
  3. SHOP LESS TILL SHAVUOS CHALLENGE: Limit online shopping to just two 30 minute sessions per week of Sefira. Suggestion: prepare ahead of time with a shopping list, and stay focused on your list while you shop, avoiding browsing items not on your list, and keep price and product comparison to a limit. Please note that the first week is included and is relevant to Chol Hamoed. Halacha limits shopping on Chol HaMoed. Consult your Rabbi on what shopping is permitted. 
Questions? Contact us at: or 410-449-1824

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