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2020-21 Horace Mann PTA School Funding Request Application
The PTA Funding Request Application is for special requests made by PTA members for amounts over $100 and is intended to supplement either classroom or extra curricular activities/programs that will benefit Horace Mann School. Please be sure to complete this form with as much specific information as possible. (Attachments with additional information are often helpful.) To be considered at the monthly PTA meetings, the form must be submitted one week prior to the monthly meeting with the appropriate signatures. The PTA respectfully requires that the individual submitting this application be a member of the PTA in order to be considered.

*Please review funding guidelines outlined below prior to submission.
*Reimbursements will be issued only after receipts are submitted to PTA treasurer.
*Efforts should be made to find the lowest price for any item approved for purchase.

Guidelines for Horace Mann School PTA Funding

1. Special funding requests are part of the PTA’s yearly budget allocation, funded from PTA contributions and money earned through PTA fundraising activities. It is preferred that funding requests be submitted at the beginning of the school year to facilitate the budgeting process.

2. Members requesting funding should specify:
· how the money would be spent.
· the exact amount requested, including tax and handling fees (rounded
up to the next dollar).
· state the desired curriculum goal/standard/learning target or benefit to school.

3. Members requesting funding for multiple items will be asked to prioritize their list of items.

4. PTA funds cannot be granted to pay for individual member travel expenses, meals or accommodations.

5. PTA funding is meant to provide for special projects for which other funding is not available. PTA will consider whether there may be other sources available for the money requested and whether or not those potential sources have been accessed. PTA is not a replacement for SPPS funding but a supplement.

6. PTA will make an effort to grant requests that will benefit a sizable number of students, enhance a teacher’s ability to teach to a curriculum goal/standard/learning target or purchase items which will remain on campus for future use.

7. PTA will present all funding requests at monthly meetings. If an urgent need for money arises
between regular meetings, the President may call an executive board meeting. A majority vote of the executive board members would be required to approve any emergency funding.
8. The intent of PTA is to serve as many students and teachers as possible. The PTA requests that careful consideration is taken on all requests to be inclusive of the whole population benefiting from the funding.

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