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HAC Wear 2019/2020
Please make payment via etransfer to, please use HAC2020 for password.
Note: required equipment is a HAC swim cap and HAC t-shirt at every swim meet
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Non-Personalized HAC Swim Cap $15/ea
Black Cotton T-shirt $12/ea (Gildan Heavy Weight)
Yellow Dry-Fit Shirt $20/ea (The Authentic T-Shirt Company)
HAC Towel $20/ea
HAC New Era Baseball Cap $20/ea
HAC Water Bottle $8/ea
HAC Speedo Mesh Bag $20
Men's Red Official's Shirt $35/ea
Men's White Official's Shirt $35/ea
Women's Red Official's Shirt $35/ea
Women's White Official's Shirt $35/ea
HAC Winter Toque $20/ea
Youth HAC Collegiate Hoodie $65/ea
Adult HAC Collegiate Hoodie $65/ea
HAC Bag Tag $4/ea
HAC Parka $145.
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